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Programs: Get in Shape & Stay in Shape!

From weight loss to young athlete sport training, the right workouts are crucial to success! Experience separates which routines work and which are a waste of time! Let Kira design a workout for your needs, or choose from one of her "Proven Programs" to get in your best shape ever!

Coaching: The Fastest Way to Get Results!

One on One Coaching with Fitness & Motivation Expert Kira Langolf. The fastest way to get the right workout, meal guides and motivation plan for your unique goals! What are the best exercises and foods for your body? How can you stay motivated and confident? Get the answers, guidance and support you need!
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Who I Am & Why You Should Listen Me:Kira

Hi! I'm Kira Langolf, Master Fitness Trainer and creator of the Fitness Makeover. If you listen to my podcasts "Fit Girl: Your Guide to Getting in Shape" and "Get Fit TV" or use my workout DVDs, you know I deliver practical, no-nonsense advice and workouts.

My experience with my own weight management issues are probably much like yours, I know how you feel! I'm thrilled to spare you the mistakes I made, so you can get in shape and stay in shape! Are you ready to have me as your Personal Fitness Trainer? Great! Let's get started!



The best workouts for the quickest results! Yes, some exercises are more effective than others! Workout smarter, not harder and enjoy your body!


Eat more and lose weight! Custom menu plans that boost your metabolism and melt fat!


Use your mind to get in shape! The right attitude and mindset guarantee your success! Get it now and stay motivated forever!

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