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    How to find the right Stability Ball


    Stability balls come in various sizes. How do you choose the right size for your body?
    Here’s some tips to help you find the right Stability Ball to get the most from your workouts and to prevent possible injuries.

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    Putting A Stop To Food Cravings


    Everyone struggles with food cravings at some point in time! Most of us don’t eat the perfect diet and we have struggles with food, same as everyone else. Having an awareness of this and knowing a little bit about our health and food nutrition can help when it comes to making wise decisions. Many people…

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    Weight Loss Guide

    Losing weight and getting in shape requires three things: exercise, nutrition and mindset. Of those three which do you think is most important for weight loss? Take the interactive quiz to find out!

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    Must Do Exercises Part 2


    Well, let’s see what muscles are used: Back, shoulders, outer chest, biceps, abdominals, lower back, even legs and triceps get called on for this exercise!

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    Fit 211: Ripped Abs and Top Tips

    Tips and tricks to get ripped abs! In this episode, the best ways to burn stubborn body fat, top training tips to kick your program into high gear and three motivational tips that will keep on track to a six pack of abs! News: its not completely ready but the Read More…    

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    Exercise Library Sneak Peak!

    Ever wanted to know if you are doing an exercise correctly? Or maybe someone told you to do an exercise, but you have no idea what it is? Here’s your solution to all exercise form questions!’s Exercise Library! What is the Exercise Library? This is a site that I have wanted to do for…

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    Fit 210: Injuries, Weight Loss Scams, Support Yourself

    Three ways to find out if you are injury prone, learn to harness the power of your inner support system and how to spot and avoid weight loss scams! Check out the “remodeled” site! Coming soon….QuickFit Club Each Month You Get: New Video Workouts Menu Plans & Recipes Quick Workouts Fit Your Schedule An…

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    Fit 209: Lean Abs, Vitamin B for Fat Burning and Patience

    In this episode: How to get lean abs before summer! Vitamin B and fat burning! Patience, do you have any? FYI-I’m using different software and computer for this one, so if things sound funny, please email me! Check out the “remodeled” site! TRAINING Ways To Lose Fat and Reveal Your Abs! Read More…    

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    Why the diet cycle ruins your waistline!

    Diet Cycle Getting in shape is NOT diet and NOT exercise alone! If it was, then more people would look great! THE DIET CYCLE REVEALED! Here’s how it happens: You diet, you lose weight quickly. This weight is actually muscle. Less muscle equals a slower metabolism. You splurge with cake to celebrate your weight loss…



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