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    Calories Burned During Exercise

    The amount of calories you burn while exercising depends on your body weight, exertion and type of exercise.  Weight loss isn’t only calories in vs calories out, or we’d all be in shape! But it is interesting to know approximately how many calories you do burn when exercising. What is a good way to determine…

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    Must Do Exercises Part 2

    Well, let’s see what muscles are used: Back, shoulders, outer chest, biceps, abdominals, lower back, even legs and triceps get called on for this exercise!

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    Exercise & Weight Loss

    Some exercises ARE better than others! If hours in the gym was all it took to look great then you’d be at your goal by now, right?

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    Fit 214: QuickFit, More ways to burn stubborn fat, Overcome the doldrums!

    More ways to burn stubborn body fat! QuickFit Club training and free membership! Tips To Pick Up Your motivation when you need it most! QuickFit Club Jump on over to and register for a free membership then get started cruising around the site and let me know what you think. Of course, Read More…    

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    QuickFit Club Free Video Training

    Just a quickie to let you all know that the QuickFit Club is still under construction….boooo:(….and because of that I’d like you to try it out for free….yeah!!!…..while we get things upload and running smoothly. Your feedback and opinions can help me make this the best workout video club Read More…    

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    Fit 213: Beat Plateaus, Maximize Results, Create Successful Habits!

    In this episode: More ways to burn fat and overcome a plateau, workout tips to maximize results, 4 Keys To Creating Successful Habits! MOTIVATION What makes successful people successful? Sometimes the only difference between being successful and being average is having successful habits. Some examples of successful habits could be getting up Read More…    

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    Fit 212: Burn Fat, Workout Tips, Overcome Fear of Success

    In this episode: More ways to burn stubborn body fat PART 2 (#5-8); Top workout tips part 2 (#6-10); Three Ways To Help Overcome The Fear Of Success! News: The Exercise Video Library is open! I’m still adding videos to it! Also, QuickFit Club is in development and moving quickly! Be sure to Read More…    

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    Fit 211: Ripped Abs and Top Tips

    Tips and tricks to get ripped abs! In this episode, the best ways to burn stubborn body fat, top training tips to kick your program into high gear and three motivational tips that will keep on track to a six pack of abs! News: its not completely ready but the Read More…    

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    Exercise Library Sneak Peak!

    Ever wanted to know if you are doing an exercise correctly? Or maybe someone told you to do an exercise, but you have no idea what it is? Here’s your solution to all exercise form questions!’s Exercise Library! What is the Exercise Library? This is a site that I have wanted to do for…



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