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Getting in shape is NOT diet and exercise alone! It's NOT as simple as calories in vs. calories out!

If it was, then everyone would look great!

Here's why you fail:

You diet….you lose weight quickly………the weight is muscle……….less muscle equals a slower metabolism………..slower metabolism equals easier weight gain……….weight gain means diet and the cycle starts all over again!

It's time to BREAK THE CYCLE!

Proven Programs that Get Results!

iPod Workouts, Video Workouts, Custom Programs, Target Tone, Fitness Makeover Programs.


Stay on track with the Re-Train Your Brain Audio Series, Mindset Makeover, and a Fitness Challenge!


Boost your metabolism, drop weight and inches with these amazing programs!

  • tone body


    "I went from a size 18 to a size 6 with the Fitness Makeover Plan! It seemed too easy at the start, but my weight kept dropping!"

  • lose weight

    Weight Loss Success!

    "I exercised a lot, but really didn't see any changes. My Custom Program reduced my cardio and added weight training. I've finally won the weight loss battle!"

  • kira langolf

    What's Missing?

    This vital piece of the "Get in Shape" puzzle is what most people ignore!

    Personal Trainer, Kira Langolf knows this key to weight loss success! She and her clients are living proof!

  • lose weight

    Skinny Jeans!

    Not into your Skinny Jeans? If you've been working out for months and still not happy with your body, then you need a Fitness Makeover!

    Learn what works!

  • Get in shape

    Get it All!

    ClubFit is the ultimate online fitness center! Nutrition, workouts, motivation and support in one spot!


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Meet Your Trainer

Master Trainer, Kira Langolf is creator of the Fitness Makeover, host of the podcasts "Fit Girl: Your Guide to Getting in Shape" and "Get Fit TV," DVD producer and author.

My experience with my own weight management struggles are probably much like yours! I know how you feel! I'm thrilled to share with you the secrets I found to get in shape and stay in shape! Are you ready to have me as your Personal Trainer? Great! Lets begin!