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The Top 3 Best Exercises on the Stability Ball, How to Recognize and acknowledge your successes and three things you must pay attention to when going low carb! Training The Top 3 Best Exercises on the Stability Ball: Ab crunches over the ball Anything that uses the ball as a bench, such as lying triceps extensions, chest flyes or chest press. Lying Leg Curl with bridge for [...]
There was a recent problem with the web host I have used for over 20 years, and now my files are either messed up or missing! And by that, I mean, all my websites with this host, including ALL the podcast episodes that are linked to here in the blog and on iTunes.😱😢 I hope to get this resolved soon. Yes, there are backups, but not all in one place and of course, reloading over 250 podcast [...]
Pinterest workouts yeah or nah? Has the Pumpkin spice food craze gotten out of hand? Take the next step in creating a lasting change in your motivation! Check out the new, improved QuickFit Club! TRAINING Workouts on Pinterest, some are good, some are a waste of time. Unfortunately, there is so bogus advice on toning, fat loss and expectations of results! Sorry, but fire hydrants don't do [...]
Are you stretching all wrong? Is that food friend or foe? Three easy steps to start a change in your life! TRAINING Notes: There are two types of stretching: static (no motion) or dynamic (with motion). Flexibility is the range of motion around a joint, whereas stretching reflects the actual deformation of tissue. Stretching is just one form of flexibility training –weight training is [...]
In this episode: Part three of eliminating cravings, what to do in the gym to crank your metabolism lose fat for women and men, three easy steps to increase self confidence and self esteem. NUTRITION Part three of ways to eliminate food cravings. #1 Fix Your Digestion (aka Gut!) to eliminate carb cravings. If your gut can't do its job properly, it increases carb cravings. Here's a few [...]
Which social media do you connect with the most? Tell me on mine!! Plus, let me know your nutrition, training or motivation questions! Cause, I'm back in the podcast schedule again! TRAINING How often do you change your workout routine? Find out when and how you should change your exercise plan to get the results you want! Custom workout plans with video on demand coaching are at the new [...]
QuickFit Club is back up with new workouts and ready for a new you! A note about QuickFit Club sign ups....we are still in the beta stage, so all memberships are trial basis, 30 days, but realistically probably longer (60 days) to get all the bugs out before it goes 100% members only. If you already had a trial membership, you'll be able to sign in with your previous name (or email) and [...]
Two new videos for you! Get Fit TV Channel, QuickFit Tips Playlist on YouTube: https://youtu.be/PRvXq7m6F1E or watch below Strong and Powerful Channel on YouTube: https://youtu.be/Z0xulchT734 or watch below. Check out the strongandpowerful.com website! [...]
Nutrition and training fact vs fiction, how to stay motivated by taking control of your time and life! Plus: Updates: Strong and Powerful on YouYube and new website QuickFit Club to reopen July 1: Be sure you're on our newsletter list to get a preview! New YouTube V-log starting on GetFitTV NUTRITION Fact: Overeating regularly can make you gain fat. Sure, eating more calories than [...]