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Target the lower abdominals with the Abdominal Stability Ball Roll In. You'll also tone and tighten the entire midsection with this stability ball ab exercise!Listen to podcast episode #201 of "Fit Girl: Your Guide to Getting in Shape" on itunes for details on this exercise and more! [...]
In this video workout sequence of a Stability Ball Combo, you hit legs and abs quickly and effectively! This is one of my favorite leg shaping sequences from the DVD workout Ball Sculpt 1: Nothing But the Ball (available at This 5 minute workout hits your hamstrings and abs using the stability ball. Leg curl works the hamstrings, and most people are weak in the hamstrings, which causes lower [...]
Free download! Check out the Fit Girl Guide recent episode to get your copy of a fantastic workout routine for resistance bands. Here's the link: [...]
The Reverse lunge is a great exercise for the entire leg, as well as the abdominals and your metabolism. Are you doing it correctly? Listen to Fit Girl Guide Podcast episode Fit 185 for more info!Common mistakes when doing the Reverse Lunge include: lifting of the front leg heelusing the rear leg too muchleaning forward poor posture Key points to focus on for a good Reverse Lunge:Keep shoulders back and down [...]
The Triceps Pressdown video below shows you the right way to do this arm sculpting exercise! Always keep your elbows back and stationary! A little stretch at top is ok, but don't go so far the elbows move. Squeeze your triceps at bottom, error on the slow side! Check out the wrong way to do Triceps Pressdowns in episode Fit 153. Use various handles to change up this exercise. It is by far one of [...]
Dumbbell Chest Flye Proper Form and Personal Training Video is also featured in episode Fit 182: Chest Flye, Compliments, Food Substitutions ofFit Girl:Your Guide to Getting in Shape"Chest Dumbbell Flat flye proper form and video. Note the positions of the elbows and full range of motion. Keep your shoulders and rotator cuff muscles safe! Are you making any of these common mistakes?Arms too straightDoing a partial range of motion Using too much weightDoing a [...]
Training: This is also featured on podcast "Fit Girl: Your Guide to Getting in Shape, episode Fit 183: Glutes, Guts, and Quick Weight Loss.Check out the video below (and on for a great Glute Stretch with Stability Ball to increase Low Back Flexibility and Relieve Sciatica.A form of this stretch is also used in my DVD workouts, Ball Sculpt 1: Nothing But the Ball and Ab Sculpt & Yoga StretchThis stretch is much [...]
Better biceps curls video and downloadable Personal training!Download the Biceps Curl how to video here, right click and save as.. or click to watch.The video has voice instructions and counting for you to pace yourself correctly! Load it in your iPod or iPhone and take me with you to workout! You might be surprised to find your regular pace could be slower!During the exercise focus on the key points:elbows back shoulders backbiceps focussqueeze [...]
Looking for a different move to spice up your workout? Try this one, that uses a medicine ball and a BOSU! Good luck! self medicine ball throw on bosu(Click on image to view this exercise...) [...]
As part of Podcast Fit 151, this video on Lat Pulldowns done wrong, shows what NOT to do at the gym. These common mistakes can cause neck or shoulder injury! There's no doubt that you have seen people do this incorrect form at the gym, but that doesn't mean you should! [...]

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