Broken Resistance Bands? Here’s what to do!

If you exercise long enough, you may find that your resistance bands can break! So what do you do? Do you toss them or recycle them? RECYCLE, of course!!! Watch this video to learn all the things you can do with broken band parts!   [wpdevart_youtube]qwX2nAGTwEA[/wpdevart_youtube]  


Exercise Library!

Ever wanted to know if you are doing an exercise correctly? Or maybe someone told you to do an exercise, but you have no idea what it is? Here’s your solution to all exercise form questions!  Fitnessmakeover.com’s Exercise Library! What is the Exercise Library? This is a site that I have wanted to do for[…]

Effective Abdominal Stability Ball Workouts

Stability ball abdominal workouts are, by far, the BEST way to train your abdominals! Studies have proven that the stability ball activates more of the abdominal muscles, more effectively than any other exercise! More Benefits from using the Ball: Stabilizer muscles strengthened! Traditional body weight or dumbbell exercises can be done! Abdominals and Core work[…]

The Importance of Working Your Core Muscle

Article By Guest Author: J. Richard Why does aging contort so many bodies in this way? The reason is that many people, throughout their lives, never extend the neck to its full range, and so the muscles shorten. Long hours of reading, sewing, typing, or standing at a workbench take their toll. Eventually deposits of[…]

Interval Training for Fat Loss!

“I don’t have time” “I’m too tired” These are the most common excuses for lack of exercise. Exercise combats stress, anxiety and invigorates your body! So why doesn’t everyone take advantage of this powerful tool? Most often, people think that exercise must be done for hours to gain benefits. This is not always true! Interval[…]