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1 on 1 Coaching and Personalized Custom Programs created for your schedule, specific goals and fitness level. Weight Loss and Sculpt, Mindset and Nutrition plans.

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Download MP3 and Video workouts right to your Phone, iPod or other media player. Your trainer & motivating music push you through each workout. Cardio, Weights & more!

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Four new video workouts each month! Convenient, fast, easy way to get in shape at home! Weekly Trainer Chat, Menu Plans, Recipes, Motivation.


Under renovations…. Printable workouts for gym or home. Access new routines every 2 weeks, with video instructions. Fitness Tools, Guides and more.


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Tips and strategies in training, nutrition and motivation to lose weight, tone, tighten, increase confidence, boost metabolism and eliminate bad habits!
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QuickFit Tips

YouTube Channel
Training, nutrition and motivation tips!

Insider fitness secrets from trainer, Kira Langolf, host of Podcast “Fit Girl: Your Guide to Getting In Shape”

Strong & Powerful

YouTube Channel
Build confidence, self-value and self-esteem to be the best you!

Topics include body image, social media, anti-bully and self-value.

About Kira

Fitness Trainer, Author, Podcast Host

I've been able to help thousands of clients, online and in person, get in shape and stay in shape! There’s no magic pills to take, no pre-packaged meals to buy, and no crazy exercises to do! Just sensible workout plans. and healthy eating. I’ve been a fitness trainer for almost 30 years, I've been sharing what works and what is a waste of time on the (free) Podcast: Fit Girl: Your Guide to getting in Shape for the past ten years.

If you're ready to see your body change and your confidence soar, then check out my programs! I know private training can be expensive, so I've created various programs to help you get in shape and stay in shape. (Some are free too!) No excuses! Get started now!

Kira Langolf

Stay motivated with updates, tips, videos, podcasts, and workouts that work!