April 28, 2013

About Kira

Meet Your Personal Trainer Kira Langolf:1podcast

Master Trainer, Kira Langolf is an internationally known trainer.  She is recognized as a Fitness Expert, Author and Motivational Speaker. Her credits include:

  • Creator of All-In-One Workouts for DVD
  • Host and Creator of “Fit Girl Your Guide to Getting in Shape” and “Get Fit TV” (free podcasts on iTunes.)
  • Personal Trainer for almost 30 years
  • Multi-Certified Trainer and Group Instructor
  • Former gym owner
  • Producer of Audio, Video and DVD workouts.

Are You Ready to Get in Shape AND Stay in Shape?

I’m ready to be your Personal Fitness Trainer! Why? Because I have been on both sides of the weight loss battle! I have been in your shoes, I know how it feels to be frustrated and ready to quit!

My experience with my own weight management issues are probably much like yours. I have dedicated my life to learning how to “Get the Body You Want, and Keep It!” and I have succeeded! Why should you struggle, to get in shape, when I’ve already done that for you! And I found the solution, the missing link!

gotbandscoverfrontfinalSure, there were many failures for me along the way, that’s part of the learning process! Now, I want to save you, and all my clients, the years of frustration and struggles that I had. Why should you have to suffer when I’ve already figured it out for you! No more plateaus or obstacles! get ready to change your attitude and your body!

I have helped thousands of clients get in shape and stay in shape with my methods! There’s no magic pills to take, no pre-packaged meals to buy, and no crazy exercises to do with my weight loss and sculpt programs!

Getting in shape doesn’t have to be difficult. Results come from doing the most effective exercises, the proper way and exercising consistently.

Add to that a sensible eating plan (not a diet!) and you’ll see your body begin it’s shapely transformation!

The Missing Link:

Diets work. Exercise works. The reason there are so many frustrated dieters and failed weight loss programs is because of what I call the “Missing Link”……. the mind!

Kira explains,”I have spent my life studying and developing this part of the weight loss conundrum. Training the Mind is the most important part of a weight loss or shape up program. I’ve developed several breakthrough programs to train the mind for success in weight loss and life!”

How is Kira so successful at transforming bodies?

Simple! She uses the Proven Programs that have given her clients the best results!
Her clients are real people, getting real results!

What People Are Saying…

“Kira is specific, encouraging and factual about the training and weight loss information she provides. I have gotten so much out of her podcasts. Her instructions about fitness routines and form are invaluable…”-iTunes Reviewer Sim953

“I am now doing less cardio and finally dropping past my plateau! YEAH! I have learned so much from Kira! Thanks!”-Melissa

“All the strength training information [I have learned from Kira] has made a huge difference in the quality of my workouts and in the results that I see!”-Morgaine S.

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More About Your Trainer:

Kira has been a fitness trainer for nearly 30 years. She earned her first fitness certification in 1984 and has studied all areas of fitness, nutrition, kinesiology and advanced training techniques.


Kira earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering in 1988 from Clemson University. She voraciously studied nutrition and exercise in her spare time. After earning her degree, Kira worked in the fitness and engineering fields simultaneously.


Kira has earned the Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT) title with the National Strength and Conditioning Association. She is Poliquin Certified through her advanced studies and utilization of Poliquin Olympic training methods.  Additionally, she has earned the certifications of Primary Group Instructor, Step Instructor and Kickboxing Instructor Certifications from the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America AFFA, as well as Personal Trainer & Group Instructor from Fitness International.


Kira has enjoyed being a personal trainer, fitness model, natural bodybuilder, public speaker and most of all a mommy! “My daughter is the greatest thing ever! We have such a wonderful relationship and always have fun and laughs in whatever we do! My pregnancy is what got me started in Exercise DVDs!”  You can find the complete selection of Kira’s workouts at Amazon.com!



“Results come from doing the right exercises, the right way and doing them consistently, ” says Kira. “You do not need to spend a lot of time working out to get in great shape, when you use weight training and eat reasonably.”

Kira’s goal is to help teach others that fitness and weight loss does not have to be hard. She has seen what works and what doesn’t and takes the guess work out of training!

Creator of the Fitness Makeover:

I finished my major project of the Fitness Makeover System and new website was launched in June of 2008. Instead of a book, this project became a 4 dvd set with a full manual! It teaches all aspects of successful, permanent weight loss. I hope that others can learn from the Fitness Makeover System and my workout dvds and be able to have it all-feel good about the shape they are in, be able to splurge on the diet and stay lean without hours of exercise!”

DVD Producer:

Kira produced her first exercise dvd while 8 months pregnant! She wanted to make exercise dvds for the average woman who is pregnant, not in shape and intimidated about exercise. Some regular exercisers may find the Pregnancy Fitness Series too easy, so the Total Body Tone dvd would be more the pace for intermediate/advanced exercisers.

She is well-known for the weight loss and body sculpting results of her clients. Her classes at the gym (she formerly owned) are popular for the complete workout Kira’s classes provide and the excellent individual instruction she gives to each participant.

Kira in Competition:

Kira has competed as a Natural Bodybuilder since 1987.

Her titles include:

  • Ms. Southern California
  • Northeast Championships 3rd place
  • Diamond Classic 1st place
  • Diamond Classic best poser
  • Muscle Fitness Classic 2nd place
  • Florida Natural Championships 3rd place
  • Florida Natural Championships best poser