May 2, 2013


Custom Workouts

Take the guess work out of getting in shape! I’ll design your workout for your specific goals, time schedule, fitness level and gym or home training. Each workout is sent directly to your inbox each week. You’ll receive a printable workout log, instructions and video demonstrations for each exercise. You’ll get the right routine, with the most effective exercises to get you in shape fast! Click here for more info!

Audio Workouts

Exercisers love the new iPod & MP3 Audio Workouts! You get a Personal Trainer without the high price! Put a Personal Trainer in your iPod or Mp3 Player and take the thinking out of exercise, then feel the difference! Workouts for Treadmills, Ellipticals, bikes, outdoor walking, gym machine training, home workouts and resistance training.

With Audio Workouts, you won’t do boring cardio! You’ll have constant motivation, challenge and a Personal Trainer in your ears! Have fun and fat burning at the same time! MP3 Workouts coach you through every minute of the workout! Cardio or weight training workouts will never be the same! Click here for workout options and more info!

DVD Workouts

Workout with your Personal Trainer on your schedule at home! DVD workouts feature pre-mixes for you to customize your workouts! All In One Workout DVDs are formatted into chapters for pre-mix programming! Just follow the programming directions in your DVD player manual, and you’ll be on your way to customizing these DVDs even further!

A pre-mix is a way of changing your workout variables using the same exercises. Your mind and your body both benefit from pre-mixes, here’s how:
1. Your body reacts to the pre-mix like a new workout!
2. Your mind gets new stimulation from the new routine!
3. Your mind-muscle connection gets stronger!
4. You work each muscle deeper and more intensely since you don’t have to learn new exercises.

Visit the Fitnessmakeover All In One Workout DVD website to watch clips and get more details!

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