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Calories Burned During Exercise

The amount of calories you burn while exercising depends on your body weight, exertion and type of Full body exercise.¬† Weight management¬†isn’t only about calories in vs calories out, or we’d all be in shape! But it is interesting to know approximately how many calories you do burn when exercising. What is a good way Read more about Calories Burned During Exercise[…]

Exercise Myths That Might Shock You!

You know that exercise can help you lose weight, look better and feel better. You also know that exercise is good for your internal organs and your brain function. Did you know that there are still some myths that people believe about exercise? Whether it is a well meaning friend or an infomercial selling the latest “weight loss” gadget, somehow these myths are repeated so often, that some people consider them true! Let’s get some facts straight about these myths!