Your Own Personal Trainer

Wouldn’t it be great to have your own Personal Trainer? Someone to advise you what to do to get in shape. A Trainer to push you and motivate you when you feel like missing a workout. You’ve found one! This site was developed for exercisers who need to focus on a plan, get the real workouts that work (sorry, a thousand leg lifts won’t get you in shape fast, if at all!) and have access to a trainer and a community of like minded people for support, accountability, and any questions that arise during their exercise program!

Getting in shape is not as easy as a “perfect” workout, or a “fat burning” pill or a “special” diet. If it was, then all those things would work, but they don’t! If you have “tried” to get in shape and found yourself saying that exercise or watching what you eat “doesn’t work” for you, then you are using lame excuses to quit and you know it!

Exercise does work and eating healthy foods works! (And that means EATING not starving for faster results!)

So why doesn’t it “work” for you? There are many reasons, here are the top ones, (see if you recognize any):

  • You are doing exercises that look good on the model in the magazine, but really don’t do squat for changing your metabolism! (yes, pun intended!)
  • You are inconsistent with your workouts due to low motivation and lack of accountability.
  • You do way too much cardio and not the right weight training exercises for fat loss.
  • You eat the wrong amounts &/or kinds of food.
  • You expect to drop 10 pounds a week. If you don’t, then you give up.

Clubfit provides you a no-nonsense approach to fitness. You get the honest truth about getting in shape! Motivation, workout variety, exercise instruction and support! if you want to take the guess workout out of getting in shape, then join Clubfit!