Accountability: Unlock your potential!

“As we sow, so we reap”.

This sentence begins Chapter 3: Principle of Accountability in the “Personal Transformation” book.  That is a true statement when it comes to getting in shape.  Only you know if you have put forth 100% effort in nutrition, exercise and mindset.  If you are not seeing the results you wanted, then chances are, you may have slacked in one of those three areas.

Part of getting in shape is your mindset. Not just for motivation, but also to make things flow easier in your life and especially your fitness goals.  You’ll find several Fit Girl podcasts and articles devoted to Self-Talk, because it is very important to achieving goals!

Accountability means more than just showing up to the gym. It means more than “trying” to eat right. Accountability means taking responsibility for our thoughts and actions.

Everything begins in thought! Have you considered your thoughts lately?  Retrain your brain to use the right thoughts and you will make your fitness efforts easier!

After reading this excerpt, you will find 2 exercises that will help you get in shape!  You don’t need any equipment or even shoes! Read and discover these little known secrets to weight loss, fitness and ultimate happiness!

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