Exercise & Weight Loss

Sorry, the most important part of weight loss isn’t exercise!
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Exercise is not the most important part of weight loss! Some exercises ARE better than others! If hours in the gym was all it took to look great then you’d be at your goal by now, right? Of course exercise is crucial to any fitness program! You cannot sculpt muscles and increase lean body mass with out exercise! Truly, exercise is one of the keys to permanent fat loss and easy weight maintenance! It doesn’t take alot of exercises, just the right ones!

Some exercises give you a greater metabolism boost than others and burn more calories too! Movements that use multiple body parts work better than small muscle movements like the inner/outer thigh machine. For most people, that machine is a waste of time!

Whether you workout at home or the gym, you can get results with the right exercises in as little as 10-minutes a day, 3 times a week! You’ll create lean, fat burning muscle that has been proven to increase your metabolism by 20% every day! That’s a couple hundred more calories you can eat and still maintain your weight and body shape! You CAN have a couple cookies, it’s ok to have one brownie, if you have the extra lean muscle, then your metabolism and body can handle it. Talk about having your cake and eating it! You really can!

The workouts you do at ClubFit will teach you which exercise classes work for fat loss and which are a waste of your time! Just because you sweat doesn’t mean you are burning fat! You will also learn some simple ways to boost your metabolism and keep fat burning all day long!

Having a consistent source of reliable information, backed by trial and error along with science can make your weight loss success come faster! The articles, videos, workouts and check-ins are designed to keep you motivated, supported and learning the truths about fitness!  Unfortunately, there are still many exercise myths out there.

At ClubFit you will learn:

  • why spot reduction doesn’t work
  • why leg lifts won’t shape your butt
  • why hours of cardio is not the best way to lose fat
  • and the truths about many other fitness myths still out there!

You’d be surprised at what an effective a workout you can get in a short amount of time!
It’s all about quality not quantity!

Sorry, the most important part of weight loss isn’t exercise!
Return to the Weight Loss Guide and try again to identify which is most important.