Weight Loss Focus

Do you need to lose more than 30 pounds, but don’t know where to start?

Then, the ClubFit Fitness Makeover is for you!

Whether you workout at home or a gym you need to know what to do! How many reps, how many sets. which exercises, how much cardio, how much weight and which type of weight room equipment to use. These are all questions you could ask a personal trainer during a session that could cost as much as $100, just for a few answers to your questions. Then, it might take several more sessions to develop a routine and be accountable with check-in appointments. This can add up quickly to $200-400 a month!

You know need a plan, a check-in or accountability with a trainer or mentor, a place to have your questions answered and a community to offer inspiration and support. 888 كازينو Then you need updates to your program, variety, the path to avoid plateaus and reach your goals then a plan to maintain or refine your body.  All this can seem like a daunting task! You’re not a Personal Fitness Trainer and hiring one to do all of this for you can be costly.

Clubfit has your solution! Your plan to get in shape workouts for home or gym training. Exercise instruction. Check-in with your Personal Fitness Trainer. Plus audio workouts for cardio and weights. Video clips and workouts you can load into your iPod, iPhone or other device to take with you to the gym or on vacation! العاب تكسب المال

Clubfit specializes in weight loss and body sculpt. سباق خيل Each program is divided into cycles. With a different focus and reason behind each cycle. You won’t get bored and your body never plateaus! Finally a program that keeps you motivated by producing results from your exercise efforts!

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