Interval Training For Fast Fat Loss!

Looking to lose weight as quickly as possible?  Are you stuck with the most common excuses for lack of exercise, such as

“I don’t have time”
“I’m too tired”

You know that exercise combats stress, anxiety and invigorates your body! So why don’t you take advantage of this powerful tool? Most people think that exercise must be done for hours to gain benefits. This is not always true and that is why you should read this article along the Healthcare Guys articles about fat burn.

Interval Training is your solution to lose weight!

Lose weight with just 10 Minutes of exercise! Most likely you can find 10 minutes twice a day or 20 minutes once a day to recharge yourself with exercise! One hour to complete cardio and weight training 3-4 times per week is optimal. However, each bit of exercise counts! When time is of the essence, interval training maximizes calories burned! Intervals can be employed with cardiovascular (aerobic) training, weight (anaerobic) training or both. The key is to keep your intensity high! This is how you maximize interval training to lose weight!

Check  Your Pace
For cardio work, you can exercise with machines or simply walking to your car. Do a moderate pace for 10 seconds or more, then a fast pace for the same and keep alternating in this fashion for 10 minutes. The intensity can be adjusted for every fitness level, just lengthen the interval time and/or pace. Alternating a cardiovascular exercise with weight training exercise is another interval method that will keep your heart rate up and burn calories! Whether you are in the gym or out shopping, you can use interval training for faster fat loss!

Time Efficient
In 10 minutes you can work several body parts with weight training. Weight training alone increases the metabolism and promotes fat loss. You can use weight training exercises as intense interval training or alternate weights with cardio.  Whether combined with cardio training and intervals, or done on its own, weight training is an excellent way to stay in shape when you are short on time! Be sure to include it as part of your exercise routine! A professional private trainer can show you how to maximize your time with weights!

Remind yourself how great you feel, after even a short exercise session, and you will find exercise does fit into your schedule! Take advantage of any time you have in the gym or out of the gym to add a dose of interval training to lose weight faster and easier than ever!

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