Mindset & Weight Loss

Your mind is the most powerful weapon you have to fight fat!

Your mind is more powerful than any supercomputer or super weapon!  Do you always use this power for good?  Or do you sabotage your weight loss efforts with negative thoughts?   Take a moment to recall the thoughts you have when you are “dieting”.

Which thoughts best describe yours:

This is great!

I feel wonderful!

My weight comes off easily!

I am so hungry.

I feel terrible.

This is so hard.

This diet won’t work

Chances are you are more familiar with using the last four statements. This leads us to the first and most important principle for success in permanent weight loss and increased self-esteem.

The first step is to decide to change. You have done that! Now you are on your way to know how to take charge of your health and your life while reducing your stress! Only through prioritizing yourself, your goals and reinforcing both of those daily, can you change your life!

You can teach old dog new tricks, if she is willing to learn….because……..

A successful person does what an unsuccessful person is not willing to do

Now think…..Something is holding you back from tapping into your inner self-confidence and success mode. Ask yourself, “What is holding me back?” Is it negative thoughts or negative people? Past failures that scream “You can’t do this!” Is it a false expectation based on television or magazine articles? You may not know the exact  answer right now, but you do know that you feel you are not reaching your full potential, your best body.

The Mindset Tools and Teachings of FitnessMakeover Programs are going to help you find the answer and the solution to what has been holding you back from your weight loss success.

Each week, you learn how to overcome common obstacles to weight loss and eliminate self-sabotaging habits. Members have access to empowering tools that help you conquer emotional eating habits, eliminate excuses and any other bad behaviors!  You learn how to find more time in the day to improve your body! You gain control of your time!

Everything begins with thought!  That is why your Mindset is the most important part of getting in shape!

Mindset is the forgotten component in most weight loss programs. That’s why most programs don’t work for permanent weight loss!

Now, you are empowered with the knowledge of the ONE component that your fitness or weight loss program has probably been missing!  With FitnessMakeover Programs, you will unleash your mind’s potential and get the body you want and keep it.

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