Sculpt & Burn Fat

Are you an experienced exerciser looking to drop 5-20 pounds? If you feel like you haven’t seen any changes in your body in the past 6 months then your program isn’t working!

Who has time to sort through all the different workout routines and exercises to find out which ones really work? Why not have a Personal Trainer with over 25 years of experience getting clients in shape do that for you?

Clubfit has your solution! Your plan to get in shape! Workouts for home or gym training. Exercise instruction. Check-in with your Personal
Fitness Trainer.

Clubfit specializes in weight loss and body sculpt. Each program is divided into cycles. With a different focus and reason behind each cycle. You won’t get bored and your body never plateaus! Finally a program that keeps you motivated by producing results from your exercise efforts!

Plus, you can also sign-up to receive audio workouts for cardio and weights. Video clips and workouts you can load into your iPod, iPhone or other device to take with you to the gym or on vacation! Getting in shape isn’t difficult when you have plan that works!

Clubfit makes exercise easy and getting in shape simple!

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