Weight Loss Guide

Losing weight and getting in shape requires three things:

Of those three, which do you think is most important for weight loss?

Click on one of the boxes below and see if you are right!

Getting in shape at ClubFit is a three part approach.  To be successful, you have to work on your mindset as much as your exercise and eating habits!   ClubFit is a virtual Personal Training Center, but you’ll still have some homework to do!  Your body doesn’t change instantly while you are in the gym, so expect some new habits to take time in forming just like it takes your body time to change.  In both cases, the right plan, your effort and time will get you results!

I think of you as one of my clients, and as such expect communication, feedback, and honest effort.  I know that not every one is good at everything. You can only achieve success if you commit to do something (not try-you’ll know from my podcast about that word!).  Now, let’s get started! -Kira

Here’s Your Step-By-Step Guide for Weight Loss:

  1. Set Goals to paper (get worksheets here)
  2. Start with Workout Cycle 1 to begin boosting your metabolism!
  3. Check-in at the Facebook Page with your workout results for the day or week.
  4. Join ClubFit for nutrition plans, additional workout cycles, audio workouts, exclusive articles and more!

Getting in shape has its ups and downs, but it can be easier with the right tools!  ClubFit’s  community and support are crucial to your success. Chatting with other members, knowing you have the right information and getting your questions answered are all things that keep you on track.   The new content you receive each week, keeps your enthusiasm and motivation high, while eliminating weight loss plateaus!  You CAN get the body you want and keep it!