Weight Training 101

The only way to sculpt your body for permanent fat loss is with weight training!
Weight training, or resistance training, is most important for permanent weight loss, even more so than cardio! Here are some significant reasons why weight training should be a part of your weight loss program:

  1. Weight training increases lean muscle tissue which is the only metabolically active tissue in the body!
  2. An increased metabolism means more calories burned at rest and more calories you can eat.
  3. Weight training changes your body composition and puts an end to yo-yo dieting!
  4. Weight training is the key to permanent weight control!

What makes muscle so special?

  1. Muscle weighs more than fat, so ditch the scale!
  2. Muscle takes up less space than fat, you can weight more and be smaller.
  3. More muscle in your body means faster metabolism.
  4. Muscles burn 25 times more calories than fat (when compared pound for pound).
  5. One pound of muscle needs about 350 – 500 calories per week to survive while a pound of fat needs 14 calories.

Fitness Makeover Part 2: Exercise has detailed information on how weight training is the key to permanent weight loss, health in senior years and all around well being!