August 18, 2015

Lack of motivation is the #1 reason people don’t lose weight!

Lack of motivation is the #1 reason people don’t lose weight!

  • What is MOTIVATION?
  • How do you get MOTIVATION?
  • How do you keep MOTIVATED?

You didn’t get out of shape overnight, so you can’t expect to see major changes after one week of working out.  Be patient and consistent, and results will come!

Here a few ways to re-ignite your motivation:

iPod Workouts, Upper Body Workouts Gym MachinesAudio Workouts: Weight Training, Cardio, Stretch and Yoga!

Download an audio workout and I’ll walk you through every repetition of your workout! You have a personal trainer in your ear, motivating you through your entire workout!


iPod Cardio WorkoutAudio Workouts: Cardio!

Cardio Workouts are compatible with Treadmills, Ellipticals, Stationary Bikes, and Outdoor Activity. Cardio Workouts have driving music to keep you going strong and motivated! I’ll instruct you on when to change intervals and encourage you every step!


fitgirlguidePodcasts-Fit Girl: Your Guide to Getting in Shape. 

Download and listen to top exercise, nutrition and motivation tips!  (also available on iTunes)


Retrain Your BrainReTrain Your Brain Program

A 30-day audio series guaranteed to motivate you and change the way you think about weight loss!

Jump start weight loss21-day Challenge

A motivating, jump start program to boost your metabolism and burn body fat!

Thumbnail for 5642Exercise Library

Video library shows you how to workout and to do each exercise correctly! Watch, do, and stay motivated!

stability ball exercisePrograms

A variety of programs to shape, sculpt, burn fat and motivate you to your best body ever!


Check out the article section for even more motivation!

I know it’s tempting to compare yourself with other people—at the gym, at work, out with friends, etc. But the only person you need to worry about is you! Use the articles, podcasts and programs here to give you the right advice to stay motivated!


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