May 1, 2013

Media Download Help

About Media Downloads:

Video & Media Downloads are a new way to deliver the latest workouts to you.

When you purchase a Video Download, there is no waiting for anything to be shipped!

After a successful purchase, you’ll receive an e-mail with info on how to download your videos are immediately! If you have not received this email within 1 hour, please check your spam filter or junk file.

Once the video is downloaded to your computer, you can play them using Quicktime or other video player software on your PC or Mac, transfer them to your portable device, sync them to your iPod or other media player or burn them to DVD.

What are the formats available?
MP4 video uses the standard MP4 video codec and is sized at 640×480. This format is compatible with iPods and most other portable players.

How long does it take to download a video?
Your download time depends on a combination of factors including:
1. Your Internet connection speed
2. Length of the video
3. Other traffic on the Internet
4. Hardware configuration of your PC/Mac

I have the latest Quicktime, but it won’t play my videos!
Be sure that you are running the latest version of Quicktime. Quicktime’s automatic update feature may say that the software is current even though there is a major upgrade available. For example, if you have the latest updates for Quicktime 6, it will not inform you that you can upgrade to Quicktime 7.

Try this to make sure that you are running the latest version of Quicktime:
1. Open the Quicktime player
2. Go to the Help Menu and click on About Quicktime Player. Note the version number under the Quicktime logo.
3. Go to the Apple QuickTime Download page to download and install the latest version of Quicktime 7.

If you experience any difficulties, please contact, for help.