Achieve Permanent Weight Loss without a Diet!

Norman Vincent Peale said, “Change your thoughts and you change your world.” That’s very true when it comes to health, fitness and losing weight! You have to change your thoughts and your attitudes towards dieting, exercise and the whole diet cycle. This includes NOT stepping on the scale to judge your progress! That alone will change your perspective of your weight loss world!

Focus your mind on what you CAN do. Not what you have failed at doing. Zero in on the positive aspects of good nutrition and exercise, which include gaining lean muscle, eating on a schedule and having less body fat. Less body fat and more lean (not bulky) muscle help you achieve permanent weight loss.

Change your thoughts about the word “diet” to mean eating the right foods to sculpt your body and lose fat.
“Diet” does not have to mean restriction. It is solely the items you eat!

Change your thoughts toward your exercise. You “want” to exercise because it will give you the body you “desire”.

Change your thoughts about your body. Are you “improving all the time” or are you “a fatty”? Which thought pattern will get you lean and sculpted? Yes, the first!!

These are all powerful tips to help you achieve permanent weight loss and to get off that whole diet roller coaster, without having to diet!