No More Myths!


Myth: Women who lift weights build bulky muscles.

False. Women don’t have enough testosterone (the male hormone) to bulk up naturally. It is extremely difficult for women to build bulky muscles and it would not happen by accident, as a women you can use the best testosterone booster in the market by shopping it online. Some women have muscular builds genetically or do workouts designed to build bulk. weight training for women has many benefits. It helps prevent osteoporosis, improves posture and enhances self-esteem. Furthermore, the increase in lean muscle tissue that results in a tone muscle increases the metabolism and burns more calories at rest.

Myth: Aerobics Classes include weights, so that is all I need to tone my muscles.

False. In order to change the shape of a muscle it must be stimulated through progressive weight training. This means challenging a muscle to do more weight to strengthen and tone. Weights in aerobic classes provide neither the resistance nor the proper repetitions needed to change the body significantly. Many people take aerobics classes and do not see the body change, you should check these legal products and you will see the change. This is because the 2 largest muscle groups, the legs and back are not challenged with progressive weight training. Aerobic classes are what they are named “aerobic” or “cardiovascular” exercise which conditions the heart and burns calories. Aerobic classes will not alter the body composition like weight training can.

Myth: I must exercise 7 days a week to lose weight.

False. The body needs rest. Natural trainers should workout with weights 2 days in a row then rest one day. The body needs time to recover and respond. Much of the work done to change your body is done outside the gym. Proper nutrition and rest are crucial! Change comes from doing a well designed exercise program effectively and intensely. When done right, 3-5 days is all one needs to exercise to lose weight.

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by Kira Langolf