August 18, 2015

Nutrition: The Key to Weight Loss

Healthy weight loss means eating real foods! The best ways to lose body fat are:

  1. Eat to lose!
  2. Eating several smaller meals throughout the day keeps your body nourished with a continual in flux of nutrients! Your energy levels remain high and your brain is more alert due to the consistent fuel.

  3. Eat the Right Foods!
  4. Eating the right foods can actually increase your metabolism! Smaller meals spread out between 3-4 hours daily helps the body let go of stored fat more easily. On our Menu Plans, such as the 21-Day metabolism Makeover or the Weight Trackers plan, your body will expect food frequently and not be starving!

  5. Don’t Get Hungry!
  6. You see, when you go without food for more than 6 hours, your body hits starvation mode and will hold on to fat for long term energy! It uses protein stores (aka muscle tissue) for current energy needs. This kills your metabolism! Muscle is metabolically active (ie-burns more calories while doing nothing!) while fat tissue is not. This means if you lose muscle your metabolism slows down!

  7. Combine Foods to Fuel Metabolism!
  8. Our nutrition programs are designed to increase the metabolism through greater efficiency of food utilization. These are all sensible plan combining proteins, carbohydrates and fibrous vegetables to maintain blood sugar levels, thus keeping energy levels high while promoting fat loss.

  9. Follow a Proven Plan!
  10. Most people will feel like they are eating more on our plans! They also have more energy and lose inches and weight easier than other “diet” plans. Plus, weight loss is easy to maintain on our plan!

Use these tips or check out the weight loss plan options at the ProShop!