Do You Need Daily Vitamin Supplements?

Do you really need vitamin supplements?
Don’t we get all the vitamins we need from food?

Sure, in theory we do! But in reality, if we skip meals, or don’t eat enough fresh fruit and vegetables, we are not getting all the vitamins that we need. Keep in mind that no synthetic vitamins are ever going to replace the nutritional value of real whole foods. However, vitamins are supplements. As in a “supplement” to your daily nutrition.

Do YOU need a vitamin supplement?

Here’s a few questions to ask yourself:
Are you constantly feeling run down??
Do you have problems recovering from coughs and colds??
Are you always tired or lethargic?
Don’t remember the last time you ate vegetables or fresh fruit?
Are you pregnant, nursing, or trying to conceive??
Do you over drink alcohol?
Do you smoke?
Skip meals regularly??

If you have answered “Yes” to any of the above you should probably consider a nutritional supplement. If you answered “Yes” to more than a couple you may need to check with your doctor and possibly consider some lifestyle changes.?? You can start by looking for Vaporizer Supplies in the case you are a smoker.

If you need a supplement, what do you look for in a vitamin?

  • Check the expiry date is valid.?
  • Do not be tempted to purchase “megadose” vitamins. These have been proven to be damaging to your health, particularly taking larger then recommended doses of the antioxidants.?
  • Look for a well balanced supplement that incorporates all vitamins and minerals, and does not exceed any of the recommended daily allowances (RDA).?
  • Ladies trying to conceive may prefer specific formulations for pre-pregnancy that contain extra doses of folic acid.?
  • Children have different dietary requirements to adults and should only be given supplements specifically manufactured for children.

An apple a day may keep the doctor away. Those who have problems consuming an apple daily, or any of those other foods that your parents told you were good for you, may well benefit from a nutritional supplement. Fresh foods will always be best, but failing that, a synthetic vitamin is going to be better for your health than no intake of vitamins at all.

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