Fitness Myths & Truths

Myth: Beer is a good carbohydrate source.
Truth: Beer is NOT a good carbohydrate source. Beer, and all alcohols, dehydrate the body and should not be used as a post workout drink since it will not replenish vital fluids. Stick with water!beer

Myth: Fast food is “bad.”
Truth:  According to the survivalhabit blog you can have fast food and lose weight if you make an educated choice. For example, did you know that Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich has less calories and fat than the Garden Ranch Chicken Pita? A Spicy Chicken Sandwich has 410 calories and 15 g fat versus the Garden Ranch Chicken Pita which has 480 calories and 18g fat. In fact, even the 5 piece chicken nuggets (210 cals/14 grams fat) are better than the pita! Your best choice is the fresh deluxe grilled chicken sandwich at 260 calories and 8 grams of fat. Most fast food restaurants provide a nutritional guide upon request. Ask for one, you may be surprised what you learn!

Myth: Eat less to lose weight.
False. On extremely low calorie diets (less than 1000-1200 calories) your body starves. If the body feels “starved” it responds by retaining dietary fat for future needs rather than burning them for energy. This starvation adaptation response lowers the basal metabolic rate which causes additional fat storage! Fueling your metabolism with a healthy eating schedule (4-6 smaller “meals” daily) is the secret to increasing your metabolism and losing fat weight.

-article by Kira Langolf