Nutrition & Weight Loss

Sorry, the most important part of weight loss isn’t nutrition!
Very close, it does play a very important and vital role to getting in shape!
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You know you need to eat “right” to lose weight, but what does that mean? There are so many diets and “experts” telling you what to do, it can be overwhelming!

You’ve probably listened to Kira Langolf on her podcast, “Fit Girl: Your Guide to Getting in Shape”, and you know she is a trustworthy source! Her methods are for real people, like you! So which plan does Kira promote? Low fat, high protein, low carb…none of the above!

You have to eat to lose! Real foods! Not packaged, microwaved boxes! The rights foods will melt fat, skyrocket your energy and trim you faster than any pill!   With FitnessMakeover Programs you will learn how to combine real foods for the fat burning, high energy benefits that foods are supposed to give us!

No need to count calories! No weird foods to buy! Eat foods you like! This is a practical guide for healthy eating habits that accelerate weight loss! Foods the whole family can enjoy!

This is what Kira has to say about weight loss and FitnessMakeover Programs,
“I have devoted my life to learning what works and what does not work for permanent weight loss. Anyone can lose weight then yo-yo up and down for many agonizing, frustrating, painful years. I know how it is. I had my own struggles too. Despite exercise and dieting, I would yo-yo, just like you. Then I found the missing link! The key for permanent weight loss! I am dedicated to sharing all my findings, knowledge and experiences as a personal trainer through the Fitness Makeover Home Study Program and my sites. Now you can learn from my mistakes and not waste time being miserable in a body you don’t like.”

Weight Loss 101: Why diets don’t work!
You diet, you lose weight quickly! This weight is actually muscle. Less muscle equals a slower metabolism. You splurge with cake to celebrate your weight loss success, or worse, you return to normal eating and…You end up GAINING weight! “It was just one piece of cake! Why am I gaining weight?” “I have to diet harder!” And the diet cycle begins again! It almost seems like a never ending battle!

Future articles will go into more detail on the Diet Cycle and supplement use. It is an important concept to understand! But for now, you need to focus on weight loss by EATING!

Here’s just some of the topics you will find and learn here to keep you on track to your weight loss goals:

  • foods that shed fat
  • muscle-making foods
  • are you eating enough?
  • Eat fast foods!
  • Find the right plan for your body!
  • how dieting makes you fat!
  • Menu planning
  • Healthy ingredients
  • meal timing
  • what are my nutrient
  • Example programs
  • food selection lists
  • sample menus
  • and much more!

You’d be surprised again at what you can eat and still lose weight and gain lean, sexy muscle!

Sorry, the most important part of weight loss isn’t nutrition!
Return to the Weight Loss Guide and try again to identify which is most important.