Eat to lose weight!

Have more energy and feel great!

The key to weight loss is eating the right foods at regular intervals.Diet confusion

Diets do more harm than good! When you diet, your body responds by holding on to fat because it thinks you are starving it. Even worse, it stores calories for future needs rather than burning them for energy! This starvation adaptation response actually lowers your basal metabolic rate (your metabolism) and makes weight gain inevitable!

How does this happen? When you diet and lose weight quickly, this weight is actually muscle.

Less muscle equals a slower metabolism!

You splurge with cake to celebrate your weight loss success, or worse, you return to normal eating and…You end up GAINING weight! “It was just one piece of cake! Why am I gaining weight?” “I have to diet harder!” And the diet cycle begins again!

When your body hits the starvation adaptation response, and it does on ANY weight loss diet, it uses muscle for energy! You see, the body sees muscle as non-essential to long term survival, so it uses muscle for energy instead of fat (muscle is protein not fat)! Since muscle weighs more than fat, it shows up as rapid pounds lost on the scale. Now your diet is done but you have less muscle which means a slower metabolism! The diet ends, or so you think…Suddenly, you find you gain weight fast & easily! Even if you are eating less food than before, you gain weight! “Oh no!” You think, “I need to find a better diet or a pill or something to lose weight!”

You have to eat to lose! Real foods! Not packaged, microwaved boxes! The rights foods will melt fat, skyrocket your energy and trim you faster than any pill!