Use Meal Timing to reduce Body Fat!

Meal timing is just as important as proper food choices. If your body goes too long with out some fuel, it goes into the starvation mode and holds onto fat. As if that wasn’t bad enough, it’s not the only bad thing that happens if you miss a meal!

When your body goes into the “starvation mode” it uses muscle for energy and stores fat. Exactly the opposite of what you want for weight loss! You may not even feel hungry, but your body knows it needs food! Remember, muscle is the metabolically active tissue! Translated, that means muscle burns more calories, even while you are doing absolutely nothing!

The longer you go without food, the worse the effects are on your body. This really messes up your metabolism, making it harder to lose weight even if you are eating the right foods. Pay attention to the timing of your meals to keep your metabolism on track for permanent weight loss!

When your blood sugar levels drop, you become irritable, sleepy, and prone to fat storage! A real Jekyll and Hyde! To combat this drop in blood sugar, your body instinctively forces you to find high sugar foods to bring your levels back to normal. This is why you have sugar or carb cravings that seem out of your control. A constant fluctuation of blood sugar levels can cause diabetes (insert definition here), puts strain on the heart, and other organs, and causes a dramatic increase in your stress/adrenaline level.

When your find those high sugar or high carb foods to bring up your levels, you tend to overeat, since the body is expecting you to follow you usual pattern of starvation! Overeating guarantees some or most of your food will be stored as fat, since the body can only use so much of those nutrients at one time, it saves the rest for later. (for book go into scientific explanation of this process)

Importance of meal timing-its not when you eat but what you eat!

I don’t know where the “don’t eat after 6pm” diet came from, but I can tell you it’s not the right way to drop fat. You know now about meal timing and that it’s not when you eat but what you eat. You don’t need to wake yourself up to eat, but you don’t need to go to bed starving either. I have gotten to my lowest body fat for competition and was still eating oatmeal before bed. It s what you eat late at night that matters more than anything else!

The body doesn’t need a lot of carbs late at night. It needs a little protein, a little fat to sustain your functions while you sleep. A little bit of carbs is ok, but you don’t need a lot unless you jog in your sleep! Balance out your meals and you CAN plan a snack for before bed! And still lose fat!

The Fitness Makeover nutrition program is designed to increase your metabolism through greater efficiency of food utilization. It is a sensible plan combining proteins, carbohydrates and fibrous vegetables to maintain steady blood sugar levels and keep energy levels high while promoting fat loss. Combining protein with carbohydrates slows the absorption rate of the carbs and is extremely important to weight loss by maintaining blood sugar levels. These are the principles of diet & nutrition you will learn at ClubFit! Most people feel they are eating more on this balanced, nutritious plan, while feeling more energetic and losing body fat.

Eat to lose!