Weight Loss Workout Tips

Maximize your weight loss workouts with these guidelines:

  • For weight loss, keep repetitions between 10-15 max.; sets of 1-3.
  • If 15 repetitions can be completed, then increase the weight 2-5 lbs and do 10 repetitions
  • Work your way back up to 15 repetitions
  • Always use proper form!
  • Keep rest between sets low, 30 seconds to 1 minute max.

You must always challenge your muscles!   More is not better!  There is an old myth that says to lose weight do more repetitions.  Although this may be of cardiovascular benefit, it will not substantially impact your metabolism.  You won’t build bulk at 10-15 repetitions. You will build some tone, tight muscle!  Don’t be afraid to go heavier in weight as long as your exercise form is done properly, to hit the goal muscle group.

Most importantly, for weight loss, you must pay attention to your eating habits. Garbage in/Garbage out, no matter how great your workouts are!  Workout consistently, eat right and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how quickly your body can change!