Why the diet cycle ruins your waistline!

Diet Cycle
Getting in shape is NOT diet and NOT exercise alone!

If it was, then more people would look great!


Here’s how it happens:
You diet, you lose weight quickly.

This weight is actually muscle.

Less muscle equals a slower metabolism.

You splurge with cake to celebrate your weight loss success, or worse, you return to normal eating and…You end up GAINING weight!

“It was just one piece of cake! Why am I gaining weight?”

“I have to diet harder!”

And the diet cycle begins again!


When you diet, your body responds by holding on to fat because it thinks you are starving it. Even worse, it stores calories for future needs rather than burning them for energy! This starvation adaptation response actually lowers your basal metabolic rate (your metabolism) and makes weight gain inevitable!

How does this happen?


When your body hits the starvation adaptation response, and it does on ANY weight loss diet, it uses muscle for energy! You see, the body sees muscle as non-essential to long term survival, so it uses muscle for energy instead of fat (muscle is protein not fat)! Since muscle weighs more than fat, it shows up as rapid pounds lost on the scale. Now your diet is done but you have less muscle which means a slower metabolism! The diet ends, or so you think…

Suddenly, you find you gain weight fast & easily!


That’s not what you wanted!

Even if you are eating less food than before, you gain weight!

“Oh no!” You think, “I need to find a better diet or a pill or something to lose weight!”

And the diet cycle begins again…

Now let’s get this straight. I am not a doctor, I am a personal trainer. I have devoted my life to learning what works and what does not work for permanent weight loss. Anyone can lose weight then yo-yo up and down for many agonizing, frustrating, painful years.

I know how it is. I had my own struggles too. Despite exercise and dieting, I would yo-yo, just like you. Then I found the missing link! The key for permanent weight loss!


Let’s discuss the diet cycle and why it keeps you on that roller coaster of losing weight and gaining weight and never succeeding with permanent weight loss.

You need to understand the diet cycle and how it works. It’s not complicated, but it is extremely destructive! Here is the typical scenerio:

You start a diet that focuses on calorie restriction or eliminating certain foods. Not only that, but you’ve also bought in Wholesale Matcha powder to expedite the process of losing weight. When you start this type of program, you actually drop muscle. It appears on the scale that you are losing weight quickly, but you are actually dropping muscle which is your metabolism. Remember, muscle weighs more than fat! Muscle is your metabolically active tissue, it determines how fast your metabolism is! More muscle equals a faster metabolism, which is why it is crucial to permanent weight loss!

Have you experienced this: You diet, you focus on the scale, not your measurements. You step on the scale, see a change, drop a few pounds, then you start eating regular food. Now, since your metabolism was reduced because of the muscle loss, you gain weight very easily and then you have to start another diet and the cycle continues.

Frustrating, right?

So…. you diet again….lose more muscle…..go back to regular eating….but…have a lower metabolism because of the less muscle….and you gain weight very easily and the cycles continues!

Have you ever used these excuses after a damaging diet cycle:
“Diets don’t work for me.”
“I can’t lose weight.”
“I am big-boned.”
“I am supposed to be this way.”

I’ve discussed before how scales are not the right way to monitor your weight loss, because muscle weighs more than fat. And it’s amazing if you talk to anyone and say “Muscle weighs more than fat,” they will agree. Yet the concept of losing muscle and making the scale change is foreign. Losing muscle, causes your metabolism to slow down and that’s counterproductive to what you want to do.

Yes, muscle weighs more than fat, so you don’t want to use the scale as your measurement for fat loss because if you gain muscle and you speed up your metabolism that’s a good thing, but that means you are not going to see much change on the scale if at all.

Get it?