April 28, 2013



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  • Podcast: Fit Girl Guide to Getting In Shape

    Fit 246 Effective Sets, Protein, Get on Track!Finally back on the podcast!Updates, true confessions and new projects! Training-the most effective sets and reps for each level of fitness, Nutrition Read More [...]

    What's Up!Apparently I didn't post this update. But so much more has happened since...Update Early 2017Where have I been....?Sorry I've been missing f Read More [...]

    Major Glitch and the end my world??!!There was a recent problem with the web host I have used for over 20 years, and now my files are either messed up or missing!And by that, I mean, all Read More [...]

    Fit 245: Best Ball Exercises, Success, Low Carb MistakesThe Top 3 Best Exercises on the Stability Ball, How to Recognize and acknowledge your successes and three things you must pay attention to when going Read More [...]

    Fit 244: Pinterest Workouts, Pumpkin Spice and How to make a change!Pinterest workouts yeah or nah? Has the Pumpkin spice food craze gotten out of hand? Take the next step in creating a lasting change in your motivatio Read More [...]

    Are you stretching all wrong? Is that food friend or foe? Three easy steps to start a change in your life!TRAININGNotes:There are two types of stretch Read More [...]

    In case you missed it! 2 VideosBe sure to subscribe to the GetFitTV YouTube channel to get these videos when they post!Podcast Update November 2016, Listen here.   Read More [...]

    Which social media do you connect with the most? Tell me on mine!!Plus, let me know your nutrition, training or motivation questions! Cause, I'm Read More [...]

    QuickFit Club is back up with new workouts and ready for a new you!A note about QuickFit Club sign ups....we are still in the beta stage, so all membe Read More [...]

    Two new videos for you! Short and Sweet!Two new videos for you!Get Fit TV Channel, QuickFit Tips Playlist on YouTube:https://youtu.be/PRvXq7m6F1Eor watch below Strong and Powerful Channel on Read More [...]