DVD Butt Blaster Tone with Cardio: Simple Step Plus: Abs

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Quick Fit: 10-minutes To Tone! is a revolutionary program with over ten workout choices! All the best exercises for quick toning are in this program! Workouts are 10, 15 or 30-minutes in length. Workouts are short, effective and easy to fit into any schedule! A variety of combinations to keep you motivated and your body changing!

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Part 1: Leg and Butt Target Toning!
All the best leg and butt shaping exercises in one incredible 30-minute workout! Kira combines proven classics (lunges of all kinds!) with cardio based leg and glute movements. You’ll huff, puff and tighten your butt!

This Lower-body concentrated program is sure to reshape your legs and glutes! The exercises are easy to follow and the workout is intense, aerobic, and effective! Kira’s instruction is clear-cut and motivating. The use of equipment such as dumbbells and a step platform are optional, since this workout is challenging even without them!

Beginner/Intermediate and Advanced fitness levels are demonstrated.

Part 2: More fat-burning with SIMPLE STEP CARDIO!
Simple Step done after Butt Blaster maximizes your fat-burning! This workout contains two 10-minute routines using basic moves with Intermediate and Advanced options shown. No looking over your shoulder to see the moves, the routines are user friendly!

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced options are shown.

Part 3: Abs:

Traditional abdominal exercises are combined for a quick but well-organized segment that stimulates both upper and lower abdominals.

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced options are shown.

In this instructional segment, Kira teaches proper technique for weight training exercises and Step movements. She highlights muscle groups, postural cues and how to avoid common errors. This section is filled with tips to maximize your results!

•Programmable Chapters: select multiple segments to program a custom workout
•Kira Langolf is known for her all-inclusive program design and straightforward approach to instruction. She designs programs that people of all fitness levels can do and adjust as their ability advances.
•Music is not added to this workout. Customer feedback told us that most music selections were either annoying after a few workouts or more distracting than motivating. We suggest that you put on music that you enjoy!

Butt Blaster DVD

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