Lower Body Gym
Workout #1


A 20-minute lower body workout for the gym.  Using dumbbells and machines.  Improve your posture, strength and fat burning metabolism with this program!

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Audio Trainer Workout for iPod or other mp3 players

Where: GYM

What: Lower Body, apprx 20 minutes.

Level: All  
A 20-minute Lower body workout for the gym.  Using dumbbells and machines, you’ll do multi-joint fat blasting exercises at a Personal Trainer pace!   You’ll do 2 sets of 10-15 reps of Leg Curl, Squats, Reverse Lunges, Calves & Abs.  Boost your metabolism and shape your entire lower body especially the glutes and hamstrings!

A Personal Trainer in your pocket! You get a lower body, fat burning workout. No missing workouts with this one, you can do at home or the gym!  You are coached each repetition by your Personal Trainer, without the price of a Personal Trainer!

Professional Fitness Trainer, Kira Langolf, is known for getting results with time efficient workouts.  This program is like having her take you through a full body workout! Stay motivated and work harder for faster weight loss results!  Don’t think, just do!

This workout uses strength training to boost your metabolism! You will improve your posture, strength and fat burning muscle with this program!  Your Audio Trainer provides you with motivation, support, instruction and tips to get more out of each movement!

Note:  Music is on this workout.

To melt body fat faster, combine this workout with a Cardio MP3 Workout!