Total Body Tone DVD

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Quick Fit: 10-minutes To Tone! is a revolutionary program with over ten workout choices! All the best exercises for quick toning are in this program! Workouts are 10, 15 or 30-minutes in length. Workouts are short, effective and easy to fit into any schedule! A variety of combinations to keep you motivated and your body changing!

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The Total Body Tone Workout is a weight training workout designed to increase calorie burning while creating lean muscle that is tone, tight and sculpted! Burn over 500 calories in one workout!

Science proves lean muscle burns more calories and body fat than cardio exercise alone!

The circuit training format and precise selection of exercise combinations are the secret to increased metabolism and faster fat loss! Better results in less time that are easier to maintain!

BONUS 1: 10-Minute Full Body Tone Workout
Boost your metabolism in the shortest time!

BONUS 2: Personal Training Section
Kira teaches the exercises in a one-on-one format. She provides tips and techniques to maximize your workout time and ways to avoid common mistakes.

Anyone can do this workout!

Pregnancy Fitness and Beginners:

Follow the modifications shown by pregnant exerciser, Rochelle and use light weights.

Note: Kira taught this workout several times a week throughout her pregnancy and got back in shape quickly thanks to it too! Great for Post-Natal weight loss!


Follow Kira or if you have a step platform, follow Jennifer! One pair of Light dumbells (2 to 5 lbs) and one pair of heavy dumbells (4 to 10 lbs) are recommended but not completely necessary.

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A new concept in fitness DVDs! We purposely did not add music to this workout. Customer feedback told us that most soundtracks were either annoying after a few workouts or were more distracting than motivating. We suggest putting on whatever music you enjoy!

Total body tone DVD

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