Fit 235 How to stay motivated and stop making the same nutrition mistakes, plus, workouts you should be doing right now!

Lack of motivation is the number one reason most people stop exercising. Don’t fall victim to the motivation zappers! Your workout cycles for the next 12 weeks! The secret weapon to changing your body! It’s a new year, but are you still making the same old nutrition mistakes that ruin Read More…      


Vitamins and bright yellow urine. What’s the deal?

Vitamins and bright yellow urine. What’s the deal? You’ll often hear that the cause is your body not breaking down the vitamins or not “absorbing” them. But that’s not necessarily the case! Relatively high doses of natural vitamins (riboflavin) can turn the urine yellow. Here’s why the normal response of “it’s not getting absorbed” isn’t Read more about Vitamins and bright yellow urine. What’s the deal?[…]


Eat to lose weight! Have more energy and feel great! The key to weight loss is eating the right foods at regular intervals. Diets do more harm than good! When you diet, your body responds by holding on to fat because it thinks you are starving it. Even worse, it stores calories for future needs Read more about Nutrition[…]