Volume Training Routine to Boost Your Metabolism and Get Lean!

High-volume training is a great way to boost your metabolism, increase your muscle tissue and drop body fat. The  8 x 8 system is similar to the German Volume Training, in that it involves focusing on a low number of exercises, with a high number of sets and reps.  An entire workout could be finished Read more about Volume Training Routine to Boost Your Metabolism and Get Lean![…]

Fitness Myths & Truths

Myth: Beer is a good carbohydrate source. Truth: Beer is NOT a good carbohydrate source. Beer, and all alcohols, dehydrate the body and should not be used as a post workout drink since it will not replenish vital fluids. Stick with water! Myth: Fast food is “bad.” Truth:  According to the survivalhabit blog you can Read more about Fitness Myths & Truths[…]

Weight Loss Workout Tips

Maximize your weight loss workouts with these guidelines: For weight loss, keep repetitions between 10-15 max.; sets of 1-3. If 15 repetitions can be completed, then increase the weight 2-5 lbs and do 10 repetitions Work your way back up to 15 repetitions Always use proper form! Keep rest between sets low, 30 seconds to Read more about Weight Loss Workout Tips[…]