Calories Burned During Exercise

The amount of calories you burn while exercising depends on your body weight, exertion and type of Full body exercise.  Weight loss isn’t only calories in vs calories out, or we’d all be in shape! But it is interesting to know approximately how many calories you do burn when exercising. What is a good way Read more about Calories Burned During Exercise[…]

Punish Or Protect – Fat’s Emotional Job

Your weight problem is not an accident. All of your diet and exercise attempts fail as soon as you stop working them precisely because neither diet nor exercise programs address the underlying cause, and that cause is based in how you feel about yourself. Either you want to punish yourself or protect yourself, so let Read more about Punish Or Protect – Fat’s Emotional Job[…]

Exercise and Fat Loss: Effective Steps to Successful Fat Loss

Guest author: Michael Lee Exercise and fat loss may not be as easy as some advertisements claim it to be; oftentimes, you don’t reap the fruits of your labor until much time and effort has been exerted. However, by knowing and applying a few simple exercise and fat loss principles, you will not only lose Read more about Exercise and Fat Loss: Effective Steps to Successful Fat Loss[…]


Eat to lose weight! Have more energy and feel great! The key to weight loss is eating the right foods at regular intervals. Diets do more harm than good! When you diet, your body responds by holding on to fat because it thinks you are starving it. Even worse, it stores calories for future needs Read more about Nutrition[…]