Effective Abdominal Stability Ball Workouts

Stability ball abdominal workouts are, by far, the BEST way to train your abdominals! Studies have proven that the stability ball activates more of the abdominal muscles, more effectively than any other exercise!

More Benefits from using the Ball:

  • Stabilizer muscles strengthened!
  • Traditional body weight or dumbbell exercises can be done!
  • Abdominals and Core work the entire time on the ball!

Do you have a Stability Ball (also known as the Swiss Ball, Fitness Ball, Exercise Ball, Resist-a-ball or Balance Ball), but have no idea what to do with it other than crunches and sitting? I have developed several workouts for the Stability Ball. Each one has various levels, so you can progress as you get stronger. With ball training, the abs are always working!

The workout DVD, Ab Sculpt & Yoga Stretch for Stability Ball, is a combo class that mixes the best of both worlds!  You get a stability ball abdominal workouts and a gentle Yoga Stretch.

After many requests, I put this popular class  of mine, and put it on dvd! The gals I train love Ab Sculpt & Yoga Stretch for Stability Ball hits the abs/core extra hard, but they also get the relaxing stretch after a rough week! The ball can be optional for the yoga stretch portion and just a Yoga Mat used instead.

Get the DVD at Amazon.com or the ProShop. For Video Previews visit the All In One Workout DVDs site (click here).

Stability Ball Abdominal Workouts