Exercise Library!

Ever wanted to know if you are doing an exercise correctly? Or maybe someone told you to do an exercise, but you have no idea what it is? Here’s your solution to all exercise form questions!  Fitnessmakeover.com’s Exercise Library!

What is the Exercise Library?

This is a site that I have wanted to do for a long time! It is still a work in progress, as I will be adding more videos and updating others.  As a personal trainer, I want my online and local clients to stay in shape even we can’t train together.  As you know, exercise form is crucial to results and injury prevention! Let’s face it, sometimes you get sloppy in your exercise form, you need a refresher, not necessarily an entire personal training session. Check the Exercise Library for a video of the  proper form of an exercise, along with tips and a repetition count (on most the videos) that shows you the right pace to be doing that exercise!  Most people do exercises much to fast! Tempo makes a difference!

As you use the Fitnessmakeover.com Exercise Library  you may have suggestions and/or comments about the exercises or might find some that need to be added to the library.  I am always open to hear your thoughts! Here’s how to contact me, post to my pages or send an email:

Facebook Page : FitGirlUSA

My Twitter Page:  @fitgirl

My E-mail: Kira@fitnessmakeover.com


Enjoy the Exercise Library! I look forward to helping you get the body you want and keep it!