Exercise Myths That Might Shock You!

You know that exercise can help you lose weight, look better and feel better. You also know that exercise is good for your internal organs and your brain function. Did you know that there are still some myths that people believe about exercise? Whether it is a well meaning friend or an infomercial selling the latest “weight loss” gadget, somehow these myths are repeated so often, that some people consider them true! Let’s get some facts straight about these myths!

Myth #1: Spot reducing

One of my pet peeves! I see tons of people doing side bends, sit-ups and crazy abdominal exercises in the gym. The fact that they are doing some of those exercises tells me that they don’t know (or believe) about the spot reduce myth! The thought is that you can do exercises for just one area of the body and the fat will burn off from that spot. It may seem like a logical concept at first, except that the body doesn’t work that way. You cannot dictate where the fat will be burned! The only way to burn overall bodyfat is through exercise, and proper food. Fat burns from all areas of the body simultaneously, not just around the muscles you’re using. And usually, fat will burn first from the place you have the least amount. The path is least resistance is what the body follows! You should work all the major body parts to increase lean muscle, enhance the tone of the muscle and burn fat!

Myth #2: Exercise Amount

You must exercise regularly, in order for the effort to benefit you. The truth is that any amount of exercise is beneficial. Sure, to get the sculpted, lean look, you need to be consistent in your workouts and take weeks or months depending on your starting point. Even one workout a week is 52 a year! It’s better to do a little exercise than none at all!

Myth #3: Bulky Muscles

Training with weights will make your body overly muscular. Yes and no! You can develop muscles with very specific training methods, good genetics, and a specific nutrition plan. But you won’t get bulky on accident! It takes years of hard work to get big muscles! By following a well rounded, strength-training program, you will shape your muscles and burn fat, not get bulky!

Myth #4: Muscle to Fat?

If you stop exercising, muscle turns to fat. Not true at all! Muscle tissue is muscle and fat tissue is fat! Muscle does magically change into fat, no matter what you do. If your exercise routine is interrupted, you are not going to turn to mush! Muscles may lose their size (atrophy), if not challenged regularly, with resistance training. Over time, with no training, this may create a flabby, un-toned appearance. Muscle is muscle and fat is fat!